Meet Breast Cancer Thriver & Salon Owner, Barbara Vivolo

When it comes to making women feel beautiful, Barbara Vivolo adds an entire new meaning to beauty. Owner of Barbara’s Hair Studio and over 30 years of experience, Barbara is a breast cancer survivor who’s taken her cosmetology craft and turned it into something more.

Barbara's hair studio now serves as a custom wig salon with the purpose to help women diagnosed with cancer and other illnesses resulting in hair loss. Barbara prefers to call herself a “thriver” rather than a survivor because to her, this is only just the beginning.

It all started when both her mother and aunt were diagnosed with breast cancer within the same week. Custom cutting, coloring, and even shipping out their wigs – they were her top priority clients. It was a few years later in 2006 when Barbara was diagnosed herself with breast cancer. The dream of her salon began in a composition notebook titled “Wig Salon," and soon enough, a $1,000 prize winning to go towards her first batch of wigs, came true from there. 

No doubt about it, losing your hair is one of the biggest and most dreaded side effects of any life-threatening illness, but Barbara is there to be a light from hair loss to hair recovery, holding her client's hands alongside of it all in their journey.

“It’s an emotional time for women getting diagnosed with breast cancer and starting to lose their hair, but I consider wigs being a healing part of their journey,” Barbara shares. “I absolutely love seeing a woman rock a bald head, but women heal when they see themselves look like themselves and that's the power of a wig when they look in the mirror in my salon.” 

Barbara and her client in her Sola Salon having fun mid-appointment!

A one-on-one appointment with Barbara can last almost two hours for her clients, with it being a full-on nurturing experience. As a certified life coach, her clients leave with so much more than just a custom wig and a scalp treatment, but can also leave with confidence and advice on how to live out their everyday lives. From nutrition advice and tips on extreme self-care, her clients leave her salon with so many variations of hope. “In my salon, I don’t just feed the hair follicles but the mind, body, and soul.” 

Carrying only Jon Renau wigs, Barbara is proud to carry only one manufacturer to keep things simple which is also a brand that stands behind women going through hair loss. 

“If I can make a woman feel good and strong, whether they are going to a party or a wedding, and get them to put their makeup and wig on, even if they can only go out for an hour, that little bit of strength that my wigs can give them – that is really important to me.” 

Barbara and a friend rocking their pink wigs at a Breast Cancer Research Walk.

In her spare time, Barbara enjoys pottery and also owns a successful fine Italian dining restaurant, “Sempre Vivolo,” with her husband in Hauuppauge, New York. She has also been very busy this past month living in a world of pink, attending as a VIP guest to Breast Cancer Awareness Month fundraising and celebratory events.

We’re so grateful to have gotten to know Barbara's compassionate and uplifting spirit. Also a GlossBoss, she not only likes to be called a “thriver” but “boss” by her personal assistant, GlossGenius. “When I had my first appointment using GlossGenius, it was the most exciting thing. I love that she texts me. I love that she calls me a boss. I tell my husband about her and how I’m the boss and SHE works for ME!” 

We believe that Barbara’s journey is everything that GlossGenius stands for – being fearless, independent, and having the power of taking control of not just her business but her life. We are honored to be the booking system that she chooses to make running her business easier, as she makes hair loss for her clients easier to bear. 

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