Why Switch to Managing Your Salon with an App?

Running a business is hard work. As rewarding as it is, let’s not kid ourselves: it’s overwhelming. And it often feels like we’re so busy managing that we can’t make time to do anything else, even relax!

There are so many factors that need to be kept in perfect balance, or the entire system you’ve created can crumble. Everything in a company is interconnected, right? If the finances aren’t being taken care of then employees aren’t happy, which then means clients aren’t happy, and so on and so forth. Out of all the businesses, this resonates with most, it’s especially true for managing a salon. But what if there was a way to make it easier?

Technology is constantly improving and evolving day by day. As a species, we’ve gone from using stones as tools to having internet access on tiny devices that we keep in our pockets. Now, we have the capability to completely manage our business straight from our phones. Why not install an app to manage things for you?

Incorporating new technology into running your salon is a great way to make sure your business is always performing the way you want it. It takes the pressure off yourself and keeps you from relying on ancient computer software that barely works. It might just be one of the best decisions you could make for your business. Here’s why.

Benefits of Using an App

Apps tend to make everything easier, and the same goes for managing your salon.

Old systems tend to be clunky and slow. Whether it’s a computer program or hand-written filing, using old ways may seem more comfortable - it’s the way you’ve always organized everything. But really, they don’t perform as well as modern technology. Using traditional or out dated methods to manage your salon leaves you vulnerable to making mistakes more often, and upsetting clients.

As good as your managing skills are, it’s more likely that an app will help tremendously. Apps are instantly accessible and easy to use, especially because we can carry our software with us at all times.

If you’re worried about getting adjusted, many include tutorials so you can learn whenever is convenient for you. You might have to practice or use a few business days as test runs, but those will prove worth it when you see your salon running like a well-oiled machine.

It all boils to down to what kind of salon you want. If you’re looking to be a modern and trendy establishment with a younger clientele, then integrating new technology into how you manage your salon is a must. You have to appeal to your clientele, and having a salon that feels like it’s straight out of 1988 isn’t going to do that.

Reach Your Salon Goals With Technology

It might feel easier and more comfortable to just stick to how you’ve always managed your salon. However, that mindset could actually hold your business back.

It’s normal to think what you’re used to is best. It’s your business; you can do what you want!  However, learning how to use newer technology and incorporating that into your business encourages growth.

You wouldn’t use the same perm solutions or hair rollers you used on clients in the 70s. As years have passed and hair product technology has improved, you’ve made sure to keep your styling tools up to date. The same can be done for managing your salon. Embracing technology is a sign that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to maintain your business’ success.

No one said it was going to be easy. It can feel like a huge inconvenience to have to master a brand-new app and then flip your current managing system on its head. Transferring information and remembering to use the new app instead of the old system seems like a giant hassle without any payoff. But, if you persevere through the awkward beginning stages, it’ll become abundantly clear that this change was for the better, and your salon is much better off because of it.

Will Appeal to Clients

Appealing to clients is always the top priority of any business, and yours is no exception. In a business that’s driving force is the clients themselves, it’s necessary to remember to keep their thoughts and feelings in mind.

As a salon, we tend to put our clients first: do they like their hair, are these products good enough, and are our stylists on their A-game? However, something that’s often overlooked, but can be a deciding factor for whether clients return or not, is the administrative side of the business.

Clients appreciate when they have don’t have to spend time waiting for an outdated computer system to load to book their next appointment. They would prefer to instantly book an appointment from their phones. An app can do that

Depending on your clients’ demographic, they’re more than likely familiar with apps and how to use them. Many businesses have turned to email and text messages to send appointment reminders and promotional content. Clients have shown to appreciate this, especially since we’re all constantly on our phones, tablets, and laptops. An app can manage appointment reminders for you.

Making it clear to your clients that you’re now using an app to manage your salon can actually increase their confidence in you. People who are familiar with technology have been shown to trust technology’s ability to perform efficiently more than humans. Being able to take out the element of human error in managing your salon will be a winner in the eyes of many clients. So not only will using an app to manage your salon make things easier for you, it will also strengthen your relationship with clients.


Get the Best Mobile Business Management App

As technology changes, business practices will follow. It’s only natural that new advancements make their way into our lives. Whether it’s buying a new iPhone for yourself or getting a new experimental medical treatment, we rely on technology to improve our quality of life. Using something new like an app when it comes to running your salon is a sure fire way to keep your establishment relevant and popular.

So embrace the change, and see just how much easier it is to manage your salon with an app that keeps you more organized than ever before!


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