GlossGenius x Hairstory Coaching Session Recap with Skyler Schrader

In our revolutionary partnership, GlossGenius is teaming up with Hairstory to empower independent beauty pros and small teams with unparalleled ease and access on their journey to becoming six-figure hairstylists.

GlossGenius makes it easy to access a full list of reports that will help you keep track of your business numbers and understand what they really mean. Along with Hairstory’s Five Fundamentals – a proprietary coaching framework –leveraging your business metrics to learn where to progress and what new efforts to take to maximize your earnings potential has never been more attainable.

In a live virtual coaching session, Hairstory CEO Eli Halliwell guided GlossGenius Educator and master stylist, Skyler Schrader, through her own business numbers. In this session, with Hairstory and GlossGenius community members tuning in live, we saw a check-in of Skyler’s incredible progress since her first coaching session six months ago.

In her initial session, Skyler learned how to use each of the Five Fundamentals to continue to grow and increase revenue for her salon business. In this follow up session, a live virtual audience got to see the Five Fundamentals and GlossGenius reporting magic at work by understanding just how much progress Skyler had made from her last business coaching session. With strategic insights on what she can continue to focus on from Hairstory and GlossGenius, she’s ready to make her way towards even happier clients, more time for herself, and increased potential for maximizing her earnings.

Here’s a snippet of the live session!

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