GlossGenius Employee Spotlight: Fabián Merchán

Fabián Merchán is a Senior Software Engineer at GlossGenius. He joined in August 2022 and was one of our first hires based in Colombia! Within engineering, Fabian focuses on technical initiatives on our mobile side, and he collaborates constantly across multiple teams such as Product, Product Design, and Program Management. 

Tell us about being one of the first GlossGenius engineers in Colombia?

It's been quite an adventure! As an engineer coming from a Big Tech background, having the chance to contribute to a U.S. startup has been challenging yet rewarding. I’m working with people from all over the world, and on several different types of technologies. The most pleasant surprise for me so far has been the amazing  environment at GlossGenius – it is challenging, empowering, and collaborative. 

What's the most exciting thing you’ve accomplished at GlossGenius so far? 

They say one month of experience working at a startup is equal to one year of experience anywhere else, and I'm glad to experience that first hand. I’ve had so much exposure to various areas of the business. For example, I have already been able to contribute to product management, customer experience, and recruiting.

However, I think the most exciting thing I've worked on is our Cancellation Policy Acknowledgement feature. This feature gives our beauty professionals the ability to ask their clients to confirm that they’ve read all conditions prior to their appointment. 

Since rolling this out, our beauty professionals have been posting on social media about how much they love the feature, and it made me feel so proud of our team and what we do at GlossGenius. We are always striving to make our beauty pros more successful – in fact, one of our core values at GlossGenius is to make others successful, which translates not just within the company, but to our customers as well.

How does your team ensure everyone's aligned, even when remote? 

This is one of the things I enjoy most about GlossGenius. We stay productive by keeping meetings to a minimum. Our team spans time zones in the U.S., the E.U., and Latin America, so there’s a small window of time where meetings happen, and we prepare all our work to make sure everything we do during our meeting is pushing us forward toward our goals. Outside of meetings, our asynchronous communications allow us to get work done without interfering with my or my teammates' time.

Have you noticed anything unique about GlossGenius culture? 

GlossGenius’ company culture enables us to not only work on our core responsibility areas, but also on other areas that we’re interested in. We can contribute to initiatives outside of our usual domain to learn and grow, all while being surrounded by people with incredible backgrounds in those areas. It allows us to learn from the best and do everything in the best way. I could mention several single qualities that make the GlossGenius environment unique, but the truth is that it’s the sum of everything that makes working at GlossGenius unique and such a positive experience.

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