GlossGenius Employee Spotlight: Amanda Greenfield

Amanda Greenfield is GlossGenius’s Head of Legal. She’s been with the company for a year and is a vital part of our strategic and day-to-day operations at GlossGenius. 

What attracted you to GlossGenius?

First and foremost, the people. GlossGenius is composed of individuals who are driven, talented, humble, and kind. This is a rare combination. Not only do I get to learn from my deeply experienced team members, but I also get to enjoy their company.

I was also attracted to working with a team that is passionate about empowering small business owners. As a former defense attorney, I’ve always enjoyed assisting individuals in their greatest time of need. At GlossGenius, I get the chance to support tens of thousands of beauty professionals as they pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. This is deeply rewarding.

What’s your favorite thing about GlossGenius so far?

Our culture. GlossGenius is a company that hires great people and gives them the tools and space to succeed. Employees are given considerable autonomy – they are encouraged to work hard, learn, and take ownership for their successes and failures. I love the entrepreneurial spirit and growth mindset that permeates our culture and that our customers embody.

What's unique about your role at GlossGenius?

I am the only full time lawyer at the company today. This means I get the opportunity to interact with nearly every department across the organization and touch an incredibly wide breadth of issues, big and small. No two days are the same – my work is varied and I’m constantly learning. And because we are moving so fast, legal always has to stay on its toes. This is what makes my role exciting and fun!

How do you see the company growing?

GlossGenius is a rocket ship! We are expanding rapidly in regards to our internal team, the customers we serve, and the products we offer. As we grow, I am excited to continue to work with top-notch colleagues to counsel the company as it rapidly iterates.

GlossGenius is actively hiring across many departments – check out our open roles here 

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