Your Free and Easy Workbook: Navigating 1099 Taxes as a Beauty Professional

As the number one booking and payments app for beauty pros and salons, we’re always looking for ways to make tax time easier for our GlossBosses. It’s our passion to make running a salon as easy as possible, and while we can’t do all the accounting work for you, we’ve gotten pretty good at making it simple to gather all the information you need to file your taxes.

We’ve pulled together this 1099-specific workbook to help you navigate these self-employed tax documents like a boss. And if you manage other pros, it's important to understand the type of arrangements you have with beauty professionals working in your salon, are following best practices for these professionals, and are complying with relevant state regulations. This workbook also covers the difference between self-employed, independent contractors, and employees, and what this means as regards tax and other withholding responsibilities and provision of 1099s or W-2s.

Disclaimer: GlossGenius does not provide specific tax advice and professionals should consult an accountant regarding their individual circumstances.

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