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Taking the leap from salon employee to independent booth renter? Looking for a new booth for the very first time? Or just curious if booth renting is the best next step for you?

Learn how to pick the top salon booths, understand rental agreements, negotiate rent, start off successfully, and so much more. Download our free guide now.

GlossGenius beauty business experts have put together proven tips collected from thousands of successful booth renters. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s in our guide: 

Booth Renting Breakdown

So what exactly is booth renting? With the Ultimate Salon Booth Renting 101, learn about what it means to booth rent, how booth rent works, and everything else you need to start a salon business!

Commission vs. Booth Renting Recommendations: Is booth renting actually right for you? Whether you’re a hairstylist, nail artist, barber, esthetician, lash artist, brow artist, color specialist, or other beauty professional, find out if salon booth renting is for you!

How to Rent a Booth and What to Keep in Mind

Where should I go to booth rent? Picking the perfect booth is a lot more than Googling “Salon Booth rental near me.” This eBook will run you through choosing the perfect location to maximize client retention and build your brand!

What should I ask salons? What should be in our agreement? Find out everything that should be in a salon booth rental agreement!

How much should I be willing to pay? View our data on the average booth rent for salons, salon start up costs, and monthly salon expenses so you can make the best decision for your salon booth.

How to Negotiate Your Rent

  • How to collect information on potential salon booths and what kind of information you should be looking for.
  • Find Points of Weakness in your Salon Booth Rental Contract: Negotiate Your Booth Renting Contract
  • Check out our conversation templates to see how to most effectively negotiate for the rent that you deserve!

Running a Profitable Salon Business

  • How do I start and grow my business? Learn everything you need to know about starting a salon business and how to make a beauty salon business plan.
  • Finding and Managing Clients
  • Deciding What Products and Services You Will Offer
  • Making Sure You’re Making Money: Is owning a salon profitable? The honest answer is “not always,” but with our salon business plans and salon opening checklists, you’ll be prepared to tackle your expenses and make your salon business successful.

How to Set a Productive, Healthy Schedule

  • How should I set my business hours? Work smart, not hard. Learn what times are the busiest, when your salon should be open, and how to determine what hours you should be in the booth!
  • Should I block out personal time? Open your salon business and keep it running at a steady pace to avoid burnout.
  • What else should I remember to set? Find out all of your booth renting responsibilities and what it means to run an independent salon. We will walk you through everything you need to keep track of when booth renting!
  • Productivity Hacks: Making the Most of Your Time


How the GlossGenius app Can Help You: Learn about the ultimate all-in-one software for beauty professionals! When it comes to salon booking, client management, marketing and more, GlossGenius offers everything you need to make running your salon business easy.

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