Transform Your Salon Booth Rental Business With Katherine Rae Maddox

Hair stylist: Katherine Rae Maddox
GlossGenius Booking Site:
Favorite GlossGenius feature: Using the automated reports to track growth

Hair stylist Katherine Rae Maddox revealed the steps she took to turn her salon booth rental business into a major success.

Katherine’ Stop Tips for Transforming Your Business:

  1. Use your GlossGenius beauty booking website to easily get your work-life organized 
  2. Reach more customers quickly through mass SMS and email marketing campaigns using salon marketing software
  3. Engage with clients in online communities 
  4. Use a salon app with reports to keep on track with your beauty business revenue goals
  5. Make money while not in the salon through product affiliate programs
  6. Stop using pen-and-paper and switch over to an online salon booking system like GlossGenius

Listen to the entire conversation we had with Katherine about how to grow your salon booth rental business from the ground up:

We had an amazing time talking with you, Katherine, and thanks for being a #GlossBoss! 

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