Branding – What Every Stylist Should Be Doing

The beauty industry is very competitive – in fact, it’s one of the largest in the world. We’re sure you know of a few or even several stylists in your area. You also may have noticed that even in small towns, salons must compete for their customers.

So, how do you compete with local businesses or larger, more established stylists? The key is to get creative and thoughtful when it comes down to branding. This can make or break your salon business, but we’re here to teach you how to succeed.

Without further ado, here’s what every stylist should be doing to keep their branding relevant!

Give the People What They Want

What do you specialize in? Is it nails, hair, makeup? A little bit of each?

When it comes down to branding your business, you need to consider what individuals want from a beauty service or product. Because most of your customers are probably women, the message you bring forward should be feminine and appealing to your target clients.

First things first: women love products that shout charm and elegance. They will come to you because they want to feel great about the way they look. If you’re not branding your business in a way that will appeal to them and make them feel comfortable, you’re missing out on a large pool of customers.

Therefore, branding is so important and necessary. As a stylist, you want to give the people what they want and show them what they want to see – a beauty salon full of charm, elegance, and fun!

Let's Talk Logos

Your company logo is essential. It’s what sets you apart from everyone else. This must be unique, capture the niche of your salon, and look good! We strongly encourage you to use a script font in your logo and branding. While script fonts don’t make sense for other industries like insurance fields, they make perfect sense when talking beauty!

We can all agree that script fonts flow nicely, brings a nice vibe, and is inherently feminine. These fonts can bring elegance to your beauty salon and will be automatically perceived that way at a glance!

What about the colors used within your branding? We often see hues of pinks and purples used because they convey femininity. Sometimes, green is used when the brand prioritizes natural products. This is a wise choice since customers will be able to associate the color with all things natural.

Use Your Logo to Convey Your Mission

Logos are so great because they help you attract new clients in an instant. They convey your brand’s personality right off the bat. When done correctly, they will appeal to your target market. This branded material should be on your business cards, website, t-shirts, social media accounts—everywhere!

So, if you’re in the process of creating a logo that stands out, you first have to ask yourself what you are offering your clients. Is it anti-aging products that will help them reverse the signs of wrinkles and fine lines? Or perhaps you’re a makeup artist who focuses on getting brides dolled up on their special day?

Whatever it is you do, settle on a logo that will communicate this. Make it memorable and appealing to a female’s sense of self-esteem. With the fierce competition around, you really need to stand out, so don’t be afraid to be different.

Make Your Beauty Biz Stand Out

Branding your business should differentiate you from your competitors. While the process of getting noticed can be simple, it does require brainstorming and careful thinking. Win new customers by asking yourself these three questions:

1. Who is my primary competition?

If you’re the only eyebrow threading boutique in your small town, you’re set! That is until another brow specialist comes along. However, in most cases, all beauty professionals have some competition – their primary one being those who specialize in the same area they do.

Determining who you’re competing against will allow you to take the appropriate measures to set yourself apart.

2. What are you offering?

This may seem like an obvious question, however, it’s one that needs to be thought about carefully. Out of the 5 well-branded makeup artists in your area, how are your services any different? If you sell a product or offer a service that no one else does, perhaps you can focus on this throughout your marketing.

Moreover, if your competition doesn’t offer natural products, you could bring forward an organic brand. The important part is to bring new customers in, show them why you and your services are so amazing, and make them want to stay!

3. Who are my target customers?

Are you targeting older women who are looking for a way to rejuvenate their skin? Or a younger crowd who’s thinking about what exotic color to dye their hair next? Consider your customers and who you want to attract to your beauty salon. Use this to guide your marketing and research the basic demographic in your area.

Having a solid answer to these three questions will allow you to construct a well thought out plan and begin marketing your brand. As you market your salon, you want to engage your existing clients while attracting new ones. Use social media, your website, and even old-fashioned methods like flyers when starting off. You’ll be happy you did when you see the results coming in!

As a stylist, we hope you’re doing what you love, and your customers will notice this, too. Part of being successful is specializing in a profession that you’re good at, enjoy, and understand the benefits in and out. You then want to share these benefits with everyone who walks through your door.

The beauty business is among the largest in the world and one that’s very competitive. We hope the information within this guide will help you build your brand and give you the edge over competitors.

Our last word of advice is to be patient, consistent, and have fun! It’s then you’ll see your clientele and your profits rise!

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