Our Favorite Beauty Content on Instagram in December

After wrapping up another unpredictable year in the beauty industry (in the world, really), we’re so proud to see what our community of GlossBossess has learned, accomplished, and shared across the ‘gram.

Ahead, check out how some of our favorite creators wrapped up 2021 on Instagram with some wise words, wow-worthy transformations, and plenty of glam, of course.

Reminder to Rest and Reset

If you had a hectic holiday season, we’re glad to hear you were staying busy, and we’re sure what Haliann Carlson is feeling here will resonate. After the year we all had, it’s time for a nap. As much as you love staying busy, this is your reminder that it’s ok (more like necessary) to take some time to rest and reset for the days ahead. And once you’ve caught up on your beauty sleep, it’s a great time to start creating a game plan for the slow season ahead.

365 Days to Be Thankful For

Despite what your expectations were for 2021 and how they might have fallen short, the boss behind Hair and Makeup by Gisaura reminds us that there was plenty to be grateful for over the last year. Maybe 2021 wasn’t the year you wanted, but maybe it was the year you needed – to learn important lessons, to be thankful for the little things, to remind yourself of your strength – and there’s always something we can be thankful for.

Bright Futures Ahead

Angela of Treasure Valley Smiles is closing out 2021 with a different kind of sparkle. This spray-tan-artist-turned-teeth-whitening-queen is lighting up the new year with smiles so bright they’ll rival Times Square. If nothing else, having a brilliantly bright set of pearly whites to show off will give you a reason to smile this year. 

Go Out With a Bang

We love a strong hair transformation to kick off the new year. Here, Nicolette of Endless Beauty Salon takes this blonde from bland blonde to bold, bright, and beautiful with a stunning hot pink vivid to show 2022 that she’s not afraid of a little change and a lot of fun. For clients and creatives alike, this transitional time is the perfect segue to try something new and level up for the year ahead.

Evil Eye

As an ancient Greek superstition, the azure-colored Evil Eye is a talisman that is meant to protect its wearer from evil spirits. Looking ahead to the New Year, we’re obsessed with this modern and abstract version created by Columbus-based nail artist Sarah Gareau. We could all use a little help keeping away the negative energy these days and with artistry like this, you’ve got the power of positivity right at your fingertips. 

New Year, New Normalizations

With 2021 a wrap, we want to start the new year off strong with a little petition from the educators at Wolf and Rabbit Inc. to make a few things the norm in our industry. We couldn’t agree more with these sentiments – this is your year to conquer work-life balance, embrace your authenticity, and find what success looks like to you!

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