HallowGenius 2017: Genius Halloween Looks & Entries

From Mean Girls to mermaids and Disney characters gone bad, we’ve seen some GENIUS entries into our #HallowGenius contest! Check out some of the entries so far as well as some tips on how to achieve such a genius look!

Not Your Average Cat

Meow! Nicolette brings it back with a Lisa Frank cat. We’re feeling all nostalgic over our childhood years and love her vibrant colors and stripes! 

Whether you own a cat or just obsessed with felines, take your “meow” to the next level by channeling a kitty-icon. With this look, black liner is your best friend. 

All in the Eyes

Keep it simple with this not-so-simple eye look and let your eyes do the talking. Azraelia is incredibly intricate in her work and her entire portfolio of stunning looks are true works of art. 

Tell a story with your eye looks, whether Mean Girls or haunted story. Tape off your edges and blend with a clean brush to make your eyes pop! 

Oh So Cold & Icy

Take the average black and white skull and add some pizazz. Don’t limit yourself to make up and add some sparkle! Tabetha takes “ice” to a whole new level with rhinestones and icicles in her hair.

We’re shivering over her creativity and the skeleTON of looks on her page! Apply rhinestones around the eyes to enhance your costume. Make sure to place them strategically, or you'll end up with sparkle-encircled eyes that could catch light all night. 

Secretly a Mermaid

Whether you want to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid or channel your inner aquatic goddess, being a mystical queen of the ocean is a perfect costume for Halloween. Georgia uses a fishnet to blend in her perfect scales with compliments of rhinestones and pearls.

Now, you can’t expect a mermaid to have hot tools to get her beachy waves, so put your wet hair in a braid, undo when your locks are fully dried and voila! Perfect mermaid hair – no trip to the ocean required! 

Disney Gone Bad

We’re all aware about Disney’s actors gone bad...but what about their classic characters? There’s something to be said about dressing up as a favorite cartoon character from your childhood days but here’s Minnie all grown up…and maybe a little evil! Okay, a maybe a whole lot of evil.

As we wonder what Mickey had done wrong, June uses body paint and enlarged contact lenses to take Minnie from sugary and sweet to all villain’d up. Pair the polka dots with some fake blood for a look thats more frightful than cute!

Unicorns Are Real

Last but not least, there’s nothing more magical than unicorns – nothing. Julie takes us on a whimsical experience with her rainbow locks, a smokey sparkly eye, and iridescent jewels.

Look majestic AF this Halloween with plenty of glitter and highlighter on hand and with a unicorn horn on your head – anything else will easily go. With Julie's simple touches of makeup and hair tricks, she shows us it doesn’t take much magic to create magic! 

Heroically Transformed

We have to say that this one had to take some super powers with an unbelievable transformation! Crystal is a genius when it comes to face/body painting and our favorites have to be when she turns into a he! Her entire profile has some incredible looks, you would swear she was Robert Downy Jr!

Gemstones Are a Girl's Best Friend

Roses are red, aqua is blue, gemstones are beautiful, & Rachelle - we adore you! Bosses, meet "Gemma," the queen of quartz and gems! We love this take on a skull mouth dripping sparkle, Rachelle is a true visionary! Raise the bar to royalty with your Halloween looks this year by adding some (or a lot!) of bling!

Wild, Wild Beast

We are sprung forth to another universe with Barbie's Celestial Fawn look. Another take on your not so average Bambi, the stars are all aligned with these magnificent metals and a gorgeous head piece. Calling all Capricorns, here's the perfect Halloween look for you to be dripping in gold!

Enter #HallowGenius to Win

We're loving all of the entries we've seen so far! Many of them absolutely genius! Enter into #HallowGenius to win up to $100 in Sephora Gift Cards and you could be featured in our next blog post! 

How to Enter: Post your Halloween look tagging @GlossGenius with #HallowGenius in your caption so we can find your look! 

Rules: Must be following @GlossGenius on Instagram. #HallowGenius & tag @GlossGenius in your post. Open Internationally. Running until 10/31/2017! 

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