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GlossGenius brings you special savings with Elite Beauty Society, the general liability insurance solution specifically tailored to independent spas, salons, and beauty professionals.

The Elite Beauty Society Difference

Elite Beauty Society is a community of beauty professionals that help you grow a successful beauty business and protect your license with the most comprehensive and affordable professional and general liability insurance.

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Get insured fast and protect your peace, your assets, and your career with affordable coverage for more than 500+ beauty and wellness services that follows you wherever you practice.

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Elite Beauty Society is the perfect match for GlossGenius businesses, with coverage that works together with Forms and Waivers  — protecting your business from liability.

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"GlossGenius has been a game-changer for us, from booking appointments to managing client information. Elite Beauty Society provides us with reliable support and peace of mind- with top-notch coverage tailored for beauty professionals and helpful customer service. We highly recommend both GlossGenius and Elite Beauty Society to anyone looking to enhance their business and protect themselves with quality insurance."
Lali Chavez and Mary Wilkins
L&M Aesthetics
“I chose Elite Beauty Society for its coverage tailored to barbers. I am also thrilled to use GlossGenius- with its intuitive tools to manage appointments, client records, and payments, my business is protected from risks or mistakes that could impact clients. With GlossGenius and Elite Beauty Society, I feel confident in the sustainability of my barbering business as it continues to grow.”
Jeff Saymansky
Jeff The Barber

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