You Know You’re a Beauty Professional When…

We polled our followers and asked them to tell us that they’re in the business without telling us they’re in the business. From your go-to attire to your own beauty regimen (or lack thereof!), if you resonate with any of these statements from some of our fellow #GlossBosses, then it’s official – you too, are part of the beauty pro crew.

“All Black Attire”Taylour Gonzales, Hair by T.anngee

In most events, you can almost never go wrong with an all-black ensemble, but for any professional working in a behind-the-scenes type of business, this is the unofficial uniform. You don’t need a flashy outfit to express yourself when your work speaks for itself. Not to mention, it’s the perfect color to hide a splash of hair dye, a flurry of powdered makeup, or a rogue spray of product that might be flying around the salon. 

“I Don’t Get Services Done”Dilcia Enid, Enid Wellness

A bare-faced makeup artist, a stylist rocking a messy bun, a nail tech with naked hands – who has time for getting their own services done when they’re busy making everyone else beautiful? So many service providers are guilty of skipping their own beauty protocols, but try to remember a little self-care will make you more equipped to better serve others. 

“You Haven’t Taken a Break in 6 Hours.” – Madison R., Siren + Co. 

Salon workers are some of the hardest working service providers in the business, and when you’re working for yourself sometimes you can be your own worst boss. Tell yourself it’s OK to take a break. Schedule time in between clients to give yourself a buffer for bathroom breaks… and please, pencil in a lunch hour, too! Nobody likes a hangry stylist.

“I Go to the Restroom Just to Sit Down” – Dee Shuntelle, Independent Stylist

While some haven’t made it to the restroom in six hours, others are running to the stalls for a moment of salvation. When you spend the entire day on your feet, those bathroom breaks become more than a biological need, it’s a mini-vacation in the middle of your workday.

“I Need You to Cut Out Dairy for the Next Month” – Jessica Roland, Meraki Skin Studio

Whether you’re pleading for clients to stop biting their nails or begging them to leave the brow tweezing to you, every sector of this industry has its own version of the “I need you to…” request. If you have one phrase you’re constantly repeating to your clients like this, you might be a beauty professional.

“My Fingers Are Stained.” – Michele Wallace, Habitual Blonde by MW

Chronically stained fingertips are a telltale sign of a hardworking hairstylist or colorist. It may seem fairly harmless, but we’ve also heard reports of long-term low-grade chemical exposure causing numb or tingly fingertips. In this field, you must protect your assets; when in doubt, wear gloves!

“Is That a Spider on the Floor or a Cluster of Loose Lashes?!” – Kaleen Perez-Hernandez, Lashes and Brows by Kaleen

After so many hours in the salon sometimes our eyes start playing tricks on us. When you’ve been working with lashes and brows all day there’s bound to be telltale strays from snippets of lashes everywhere to raining brow hairs acting as dead giveaways that the job can get pretty hairy.

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