How to Organize Your Day as an Up-and-Coming Stylist

Being an up-and-coming hair stylist is an incredibly rewarding experience. You get to make people feel great about how they look using your artistic and creative skills, attracting new clients each time. It can be difficult to manage at times, especially if you own your own salon.

However, maintaining and growing your successful career can be made easier with this guide on how to organize your day as a new stylist.

In the Morning: Before You Head to Your Salon

1. Give yourself time to wake up

We all struggle with rolling out of bed in the morning: it is an inherent human flaw. If you know you struggle with getting enough sleep, go to bed early or adapt your nightly routine to maximize the amount of sleep you receive.

Getting enough sleep boosts your mood the next day and helps you successfully interact with clients and manage your salon’s operations. Give yourself a pre-determined number of opportunities to wake up, and set your alarm for earlier than needed if necessary (which, if you’re us, it is…).

Walking into your hair salon with a positive attitude will increase your productivity and help you maintain healthy relationships with both clients and coworkers.

2. Make yourself presentable

As a hair stylist, you will be interacting with people all day. It comes with the territory. While this aspect of your job is great for developing your social aptitude and relationship management skills, it means that you must make yourself presentable before going in to work every day. As a hair stylist, there is no such thing as a casual dress day, let alone a messy hair day!

You can abide by this tip by selecting an outfit that is modest and fashionable. Keep your outfit plain – black or white are always winners – and don’t wear expensive clothes that could get ruined. Choose a comfortable pair of shoes to prepare for the hours you will spend on your feet.

If your salon has a dress code, be sure to abide by it in order to present a unified and professional image. However, you can certainly incorporate unique flairs of your style into your salon’s dress code when it is deemed appropriate. Statement hair slides are on-trend right now and will signal to clients that you stay up-to-date with fashion.

As part of completing your look for the day, make sure to spend optimal time on doing your hair. Pick a flattering hairstyle that will allow you to work without your hair getting in the way.

Whatever hairstyle and outfit you choose, keep in mind that you are a physical representation of your salon and the work that its hairdressers complete. Spending time in the morning presenting yourself does not take a whole lot of resources or effort, but neglecting to make yourself presentable can cause you to lose an existing client or fail to win the trust of a potential one.

3. Arrive on time

Of course, this is a given in any industry! If you live far away, leave early to ensure that you make it on time to your first appointment. Isn’t it aggravating when a client is late to their appointment? Do not place any of your valued clients in this uncomfortable position by being late yourself. Being late to your first scheduled appointment of the day can:

  • Create a poor relationship with the affected client
  • Throw off your schedule for the rest of the day
  • Harm your reputation as a reliable stylist
  • Cause you to perform rushed haircuts and styles that don’t reflect your best work

If you work from your home, ensure that everyone in your household is aware that it is time for you to work. Create clear professional and personal boundaries in order to gain the respect that you deserve as an up-and-coming stylist.

During Working Hours at the Salon

4. Go Over Your Appointments for the Day

Upon getting to work, go over every scheduled appointment you have for the day. Be aware of:

  • Clients that special requests and preferences
  • Appointments that may take longer than others
  • How you’ll be collecting payments

Management tools, like our GlossGenius app, help you schedule appointments, collect payments, and manage your client base. Being thoroughly prepared for each day will help you tackle any unique challenges you are faced with. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how we can help make your day as a stylist easier.

5. Talk to clients

Utilize your appointments to both perform the services your clients have requested and build personal relationships. Be attentive, foster interesting conversations, and get to know your clients on a personal level. This will help your clients trust you.

With an established level of trust, your clients will recommend you to their friends and naturally expand your client base. Clients who trust you are more likely to offer honest and constructive feedback, which you can use to advance your skills and techniques.

6. Take a break

No matter how busy you are, it is important to have a scheduled break. Consume a healthy meal and drink enough liquids to ensure you can continue to work efficiently for the rest of your day. Engage in a technique called “positive daydreaming” on your break, in which you let your brain meander in whatever direction you choose. This can stimulate creativity, bring you out of a rut, and help you fulfill clients’ requests to their satisfaction.

In the Evening: Reflection & Growth

7. Keep learning

After a long day at the salon, come home and do some self-reflection. Have you met your personal goals of helping people feel confident and learning advanced techniques?

Watch tutorials online and pursue additional certification outside of work. It is also important to be aware of industry trends so that you can best serve your clients. Because of the hair salon industry’s ever-changing nature, you can never stop learning as a hairstylist.

How Can GlossGenius Help?

While this guide can be incredibly helpful to a stylist on the rise, it is important to remember the versatile nature of your job and make adaptions to your daily schedule when the need arises. With the GlossGenius app you can do so easily – get in touch about setting up your GlossGenius account today!

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