How to Become an Award-Winning Hairstylist with Fiorella Castro, Modern Salon 100 Winner

Hair stylist: Fiorella Castro
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We chatted with independent hairstylist Fiorella Castro to learn how she stands out as a stylist and made the Modern Salon 100 two years in a row.

Fiorella’s Tips on Getting Recognized

  1. Expand your social media presence by hash tagging and tagging accounts that you want to show your content to.
  2. Invest in creating unique content that not only your clients but also the entire beauty community would like to see.
  3. Become brand ambassadors and educators to interact with other beauty professionals as well as new potential clients.
  4. Analyze what your beauty brand is all about (ex: bridal, balayage) and reflect that in your social media feed.
  5. Use a salon scheduling app like GlossGenius and manage your appointment calendar without having to pick up the phone!

Check out our recording of the webinar for the full conversation and even more tips and advice!

It was wonderful to chat with you, Fio, and thank you for being such an amazing beauty rockstar and a proud #GlossBoss!

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