Free Guide: Educational Resources for Styling Textured Hair

They say beauty is only skin-deep, but as industry professionals, we understand that hair can play a huge part in our personal identities. And when it comes to honoring identities within the textured hair community specifically, there are a few extra layers of depth to acknowledge. As more individuals embrace the naturalista movement, we believe it’s important for all stylists to spend time learning about and appreciating the nuances of working with Afro-textured tresses.

We stand by the idea that “good hair” has nothing to do with texture and everything to do with hair health (along with a kick-ass kit of your favorite tools and products!), so we created this guide as an invitation to all hair pros – whether you’re a natural hair expert or a novice looking to learn – to look closer at this often misunderstood hair type and create a healthier, more harmonious hair environment.

If you’re looking for a safe space to score educational resources for styling Afro-textured hair, you’ll find several gems in this guide, from the history of textured styles and the typing of curl patterns to the techniques employed and the influencers to follow. We hope you leave with a deeper understanding and a thirst to learn more.

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